32 oz. Touchless Dispenser (Black/Smoke)

Manufacturer: Germstar

Touchless operation eliminates cross contamination and will provide
complete hand sanitation in 15-20 seconds

Reliable operation: The dispenser has no moving parts; gravity
dispenses solution in perfect doses with no waste

Doses can be adjusted from .7ml to 6.0 ml (pre-surgical), each refill
will yield up to 2000 washes (1500 for an average wash)

Spherical shape suppresses accumulation of dust-borne microorganisms
near the outlet

Dispensers can be placed anywhere hand washing is needed and hot
water/soap are not available (work station, vehicles etc.)

Transparent housing & clear cartridge permit immediate monitoring
of solution level

Space age electronic circuitry conserves power & guarantees error
free operation

Unique Globe design raises wash compliance (from 50% avg. to above 90% wash

Batteries will last up to 50,000 washes or 2 years; dispensers are also available for 110V hard
wire applications

High tech styling increases user fascination and encourages frequent use which
automatically reduces infection

Germstar® GUARANTEES the trouble free operation of each dispenser